The legendary kingdom of Agarthi

Agarthi, or Agartha, is a mythical place, a legendary kingdom that would be inside the Earth. According to the work of novelist Willis George Emerson, Agarthi would be a hidden civilization in Central Asia, a kingdom divided into eight zones. Emerson tells the biography of Olaf Jansen, a Norwegian sailor who had sailed within the Earth through an opening at the North Pole and that he lived two years in this kingdom lit by a smoky central sun. On the way back he was hospitalized and after discharge made ​​public this adventure.

Agarthi, the inaccessible, the legendary underground kingdom, inhabited by supernatural beings who do not know evil, has for centuries been a matter of debate among archaeologists and esoteric. His legend was born in the East and is dated abraimica age, but the myth of a powerful civilization that dimorerebbe hidden in the bowels of the earth is as old as man. The first to speak was officially Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre in his famous essay “The kingdom of Agartha,” in which he described the wonders of this kingdom, and then in 1924 a researcher, Ferdynand Ossendowski, went in search of this kingdom in ‘area of Mongolia and also seems to have picked up one of the access.

Agarthi is an immense world that extends under the entire surface of the earth, through an intricate network of tunnels that connect the five continents. The center of the underground kingdom would rise on the main intersection of the current terrestrial According to some researchers is itself to generate streams of energy which run all over the planet and spread on the surface irradiated by the megaliths. It is said that this kingdom is inhabited by intelligences, beings of great evolution, for some it is an evolution of a spiritual kind, for other technological in nature. Agarthi is the capital of Shambhala, the emerald city sought in vain by the explorers. According to legend, Shambhala would be in the Gobi Desert, it is the residence of the King of the World and the seat of the council of the twelve wise men, who together with the sovereign govern humanity secretly in an eternal struggle against evil. The King of the World is a king already known from other ancient traditions, it is a being who would govern, according to occultists, the minds and hearts of all the inhabitants of the world, then somehow govern the fate of  humanity.

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